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Spa in a jar

Get a Himalayan salt lamp for an ambiance that is rich in earthiness.

Himalayan rock salt lamp

Why choose a salt lamp?

salt lamp with homepod

Beautiful colour

"There is something very atmospheric about the warm glow when switched on"

Salt Lamps sizes

Cosy like a candle

"Love the soothing light"

warm glow salt lamp

The stand out lamp

"A talking point -- what's that? looks like it's part of a meteorite! and it's good as a lamp"

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10% off with UK10 • 1 each only

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How long does delivery take? 1-2 days for processing, 1-2 days for delivery.

Are there any health benefits? While some studies indicate this; it is debated. Best to buy the lamp for the looks! Learn more about UK salt lamps.

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