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2-3kg Himalayan Salt Lamp: the benefits, uses and how to buy

Posted on January 25 2022, By: Harry Craven-Oakes

2-3kg himalayan salt lamp info

The smallest lamp in the range; but one of the top selling. Learn all about this rock salt lamp and whether it is the right one for you. Read now and buy online in just a few clicks.

Salt crystals

This product can make for a great gift to someone that loves minerals and crystals. Each lamp is natural and hand carved so no two are the same. The smaller 2-3kg salt lamp is great value for money and easier to give as a present.

Warm amber glow

Not many types of lamps provide the warm glow that a salt lamp does. A natural himalayan salt lamp creates a similar feel to a candle without the risk of a naked flame. One user of a salt lamp has mentioned that gives off a "very calming, lovely glow". Day or night, there are plenty of places in your home that could benefit from the salt crystal lamp.

rock salt lamp 2-3kg

Solid product

The solid rock is not likely to be broken by you or your pets! While other lamps can be knocked over or damaged quite easily, the Himalayan rock salt is a much more solid product. As in the same, each salt lamp is 2-3kg and much more sturdy in comparison to other types of lamps.

Desk light

With working from home becoming so popular, this size salt lamp makes for a great desk. Enjoy the orange glow while you work with it on your desk. It is not much bigger than a speaker such as a Google Home, so will not take up much space. Enjoy the relaxing benefits while tackling those emails!

Desk light lamp

Are you a gamer? Pair salt lamps together and create the feel of a cave. Great for heading into battle with a relaxing light which doesn't distract from your gaming session like a normal light could.

Easy to assemble

Simply attach the light bulb to the dimmer switch and insert it into the salt lamp. Place it in the area of your choice and then enjoy the himalayan glow.

Cute in the corner

In comparison to the 7-10kg salt lamp, the smaller size makes it more suitable for cubbyholes and corners of the bookshelf. Great if you want to add some light into a tight space and don't want the bulk of a traditional lamp. Enjoy the calming atmosphere it creates while you read.

Night light

Leave the salt lamp on all night without worrying about it overheating. If you are in the market for a night light, what better than the relaxing amber glow of a himalayan salt lamp. One owner of a salt lamp has said "I had a better night sleep with it on for just an hour".

night light

Where to buy small salt lamps in the UK

Buy online from There's a choice of sizes and other types of salt products including himalayan salt candle holders. Checkout with popular and trusted methods including PayPal, Shop Pay and more. Get free delivery on all orders in an average of 3 days. With a simple returns policy and UK based support, checkout with confidence.

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