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5 gifts for the bedroom in 2022

Posted on December 29 2021, By: Harry Craven-Oakes

2022 bedroom gifts silk cushions

From himalayan salt lamps to nanoleaf shapes; here's 5 gifts for the bedroom to consider this Christmas period.

Nanoleaf Shapes

Turn your wall into a statement piece. A bit like the outside of a beehive, these nanoleaf shapes comprise of modular light panels which can be arranged as you like. They respond to your touch and can even be used to play interactive touch games. The 9 panel smarter kit is available from Apple for £179.95 (December 2021). It can also controlled from Apple's HomeKit system.

Wire Wall Art

Available from outlets such as not on the high street, these art pieces are sure to bring any wall to life. They are affordable and available in a range of shapes and designs. Perfect if you've got a small room in your bedroom that needs livening up.

gifts for the bedroom including salt lamps

Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps from brands including us over at are great if you'd like to add a glow to any room. Available from just 2kg all the way up to 10kg, salt lamps are more than just a light. Set the mood and enjoy the warmth of the lamp this winter. Be careful though, the real rock can be heavy. There are some supposed health benefits, but these are heavily debated. For now, they are great as just a gift.

Silk Cushions

Why not level up your room with silk cushion covers? Warm up this winter with the premium material from a local seller. The perfect antidote to the winter blues and available in a range of colours too. Did you know that cushions originate from the Mesopotamia region around ~7000 BC. They were first seen as a sign of wealth and status.

Drinks Cabinet

Perfect as a statement gift, a cocktail/drinks cabinet from a brand such as cambrewood is sure to leave a good impression. The wooden British look is great for a range of all kinds of vibes; from industrial to old school. Keep your gin behind the wooden door and enjoy the quality solid metal from this UK brand.

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