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5 types of lamps to consider when shopping

Posted on January 06 2022, By: Harry Craven-Oakes

5 lamps to consider when shopping

In the market for a new lamp? Here's 5 different types of lamps available and some quick info about each.

table lamp

Table Lamp

Traditional and simple; great for when you've got a room that needs lighting up. Available in a range of forms, sizes and shapes; the price can range from low all the way into the hundreds. Table lamps are one of the brightest types of lamps available to buy today.

Rock Salt Lamps

If you're looking to add a warm glow to your room, a rock salt lamp is the perfect option. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that a salt lamp can provide. While it may not be as bright as a table lamp, this could be advantageous for insomniacs who may enjoy the dim light while sleeping. They are available from around £20 at Salt Lamps UK with larger sizes ranging up to around £30.

rock salt lamp

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LED Night Light

Prefer a more futuristic approach to lighting? A LED night light could be the right lamp for you. These lights are more dim, similar to a salt lamp, and usually feature an all-around light with led controls to set a variety of different colours. You could set the colour to match the aesthetic in your room. These lights come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and looks; the price also ranges accordingly.

floor lamp

Floor Lamp

Got a larger room such as a living room which needs brightening up? A floor lamp could be the right option for you. While these are usually more costly in comparison to other lamps in this article, floor lamps will provide the most light. They are usually more traditional looking, similar to table lamps, and a range of lamp shades and aesthetics can be employed to match your room.

Lava Lamp

Invented in England and inspired by egg timers; lava lamps have been around since the 60s. Arguably one of the most striking lamps ever made, the popular lamp has even been seen in the infamous shark tale scene where Oscar proclaims his love for lava lamps. Available in a range of colours and great for aesthetic purposes.

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