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8 possible benefits of Himalayan salt lamps

Posted on September 09 2021, By: Harry Craven-Oakes

benefits of Himalayan salt lamps

It’s easy to see the beauty of an authentic Himalayan salt lamp! Their unique natural look is the perfect addition to any home decor, far superior to traditional lighting.

This beauty is sure to attract compliments, and it will make you feel peaceful and happy whenever you look at it. But did you know that Himalayan salt lamps are also believed to provide some important health benefits?

They alleviate symptoms of allergies

Nasal saline spray has long been a proven method to clear the airways for allergy and asthma sufferers. A salt lamp works the same way, filtering out particles of dust, pollen and other allergens, making it easier to breathe. Himalayan salt is such an effective treatment for asthma that it’s used in the creation of special inhalers to treat the condition. 

According to a study by the national library of medicine, dry salt inhaler therapy may prove to be a useful therapy in adults with the lung condition COPD as far as "effort tolerance and quality of life".

They improve your mood and energy

Himalayan lamps leave behind negative ions which bond with positive ions in your body to give you an energy boost. This process also helps your body create serotonin, which creates feelings of happiness, warding off depression. This is especially helpful if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Although more research is needed to understand how these lamps can boost your mood, anecdotal evidence is strong.

A study by BMC Psychiatry showed that while further research was required, negative air ionisation was associated with lower levels of depression.

They look the part

Improve the vibrance of any room with the addition of a salt lamp. The warm glow is hard to reproduce with other lamps, and in a range of sizes, can be a welcome addition to any type of room. Warm campfire vibes!

salt lamps

They clean the air

Himalayan salt lamps have the amazing power to remove pollen, dust, and even cigarette smoke from the air. This happens through a process called hygroscopy, in which the lamps absorb water molecules that later evaporate, leaving foreign particles trapped within the salt.

They reduce coughing

There is some evidence that Himalayan salt lamps reduce the spread of airborne germs that cause the common cold. In addition, the negative ions that the lamps release work to filter out foreign particles, so that you can breathe more easily. When your lungs are protected from these foreign particles, it can reduce or eliminate coughing, sneezing, and sore throat.

They balance electromagnetic radiation

All day long, we are swimming in electromagnetic radiation released by our electronic devices: cell phones, microwave ovens, computers, etc. This exposure makes us vulnerable to all kinds of long-term health problems, causing fatigue and lowering our immune response. By releasing negative ions, Himalayan salt lamps can help counteract the presence of this harmful EM radiation.

They help you sleep better

Our bodies hold an excess of positive ions, which reduce the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain, making our sleep patterns irregular. But by releasing negative ions, Himalayan salt lamps balance out the detrimental impact to our sleep. In addition, this form of natural light can replace traditional lighting sources which can interfere with our sleep.

The orange light is also in tune with your natural circadian rhythm; appearing similar to the sunset. It provides a natural signal that it is time to go to sleep!

Improve your concentration

An improved flow of blood and oxygen to the brain makes it easier for you to concentrate on tasks. The calm, happy feelings resulting from that boost of serotonin facilitates clear thinking and concentration, too. A reduction in stress also helps to keep you focused.

Himalayan salt lamps are a lovely addition to any space, and even more so when you consider the significant health benefits that they bring.

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