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Himalayan Salt Candle Holders: info, FAQs, how to buy

Posted on January 19 2022, By: Harry Craven-Oakes

himalayan salt candle holders

New to, our salt tealight holders come in a set of 4. Learn more about the product including the frequently asked questions and how to buy online.

Candle salt lamp

From the same himalayan salt as our range of uk salt lamps, the salt candle holders are made to fit a tealight inside. Simply place a tealight inside the holder and the lamp will light up to give the same warm glow as a traditional salt lamp.

Please note that tea lights are not included.

Tea light candle holder

Go for something different with a tealight holder made from himalayan rock salt. Level up the earthiness of your home with the relaxing glow of a himalayan tealight holder. They are great value and most commonly come in sets of 4.

crystal candle holder

What do salt candle holders do?

If you're looking to set the scene, our salt candle holders can be used to create a relaxing environment in places where salt lamps may not be practical. Enjoy the warmth of the salt candle holder in places such as the bathroom, where himalayan salt lamps may not be safe due to the electrical plug required with them.

Where could I use a himalayan salt candle holder?

  • Around the bath: Traditional salt lamps cannot be used in the bathroom due to the electrical plug
  • Relaxing nights in: Perfect for unwinding after a stressful day
  • Gatherings: Create an intimate environment with the warmth of the salt tea light holders
  • Decorate your home: Give your home an ambient presence
  • Meditation: Decorate your meditating area with the spiritual energy of the candle holder
  • Unique Gift: Each salt candle holder is unique in terms of shape and size. Give an exclusive gift.

tea light candle holder

Crystal candle holders

If you like the appearance of crystals, a salt candle holder made from himalayan salt may give off the appearance that you are looking for. Each tealight holder is unique in terms of shape and size; so no two holders are the same.

Are salt candle holders safe?

Himalayan salt candle holders are safe, however, they carry the same risks as any tealight holder. Be sure they are stored in a safe place; as the flame from the tealight is no different to any other tealight holder. The naked flame is held inside the lamp and used to create the natural glow that salt lamps are known for.

Where can I buy Himalayan salt candle holders?

Buy online directly from Checkout safely and securely with either PayPal or Shop. A range of payment providers are supported, from Apple Pay to AMEX. Delivery is free and takes an average of free days. Get 10% off your first order with the coupon code "UK10". We're available to help with any questions you may have.

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