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New Large Salt Lamp: Buyer's Guide

Posted on April 28 2022, By: Harry Craven-Oakes

8-10kg salt lamp benefits

Our new 8-10kg Himalayan salt lamp is the largest you can buy. It was previously available in the size 7-10kg but has been upgraded for free!

Large Salt Lamps UK

Our larger himalayan salt lamps are available in sizes up to 10kg! Compared to the starting size of 2kg, this is much larger and perfect for different kinds of uses. You can purchase the larger salt lamps in sizes 5-7kg and the new size of 8-10kg. It was previously available as 7-10kg for the same price.

What Can You Use A Big Salt Lamp For?

  • Transform a darkened room
  • Take advantage of a pleasing light while working from home
  • Statement piece
  • Looks great on the fireplace, the desk, the bookshelf or the yoga mat
  • Add ambience to a room

big salt lamp on desk

How Long Do Salt Lamps Last?

Traditional salt lamps are powered by lightbulbs just like a normal lamp. While this will need to be replaced, as with any lamp, the salt lamp itself can last for years. The majority of salt rock lamps come with light bulbs & dimmer switches as well!

How Big Should My Salt Lamp Be?

This depends on what you plan on using it for! If you want to fill a space in a bookshelf, the smaller end of the lamps are a great choice. If you want to zen your yoga space, why not go larger?

Salt Lamp Sizes

  • 2-3kg
  • 3-5kg
  • 5-7kg
  • 8-10kg

What Is The Largest Salt Lamp You Can Buy?

It is the 8-10kg salt lamp. Buy it now and get free & fast delivery within 2-4 days. It is available for £29.99 as of April 2022. Our previous 7-10kg salt lamp was available for the same price and has now been replaced by this upgraded lamp!

Can A Salt Lamp Overheat?

Salt lamps are just the same as normal lamps. As long as they are kept in normal conditions, they will behave like any other lamp. They are powered by the same light bulbs that you may see in multiple kinds of lamps and lights and are just as safe.

work from home rustic setup

What Make It Different?

While the smaller salt lamps might fit in more amongst your decor or plants, the larger salt lamps are much more of a statement piece. While they aren't replacements for traditional lamps, the orange glow is much more profound with the larger sizes. This can be especially present when placed on areas such as your desk, where the orange glow provides great ambience without being distracting from your workspace.

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