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The best places to put a salt lamp

Posted on October 19 2021, By: Harry Craven-Oakes

The best places to put a salt lamp

What’s the best place to put a Himalayan salt lamp? The short answer is: anywhere!

Himalayan salt lamps provide an array of health benefits. No matter where you put them, they improve air quality, promoting relaxation and clear breathing. And as an added bonus, they have a soothing beauty like nothing else. They’re a wonderful addition to any space. Having said that, the most important thing to remember when choosing a spot for your Himalayan salt lamp is that you want it in close proximity to you as often as possible.

With this in mind, here are some of the best places for a Himalayan salt lamp. 

Near Your Electronic Devices

Your computer and your television continually give off positive ions which build up harmfully in the air. A Himalayan salt lamp, placed strategically next to your devices, can neutralize this effect. It will prevent fatigue when you’re working on your computer, or help you relax while watching TV in the evening.

In Your Office

A salt lamp is a great addition to any office, whether it’s a home office or the one you commute to. It’s a great way to absorb the helpful effects of clean air throughout the workday.

In a Massage Room Or Spa

People come to massage parlors or spas for the purpose of finding relaxation in the midst of their busy, stressful lives. Himalayan salt lamps will make your clients begin to feel better the moment they enter your space.

In a Therapy Room

If you are providing therapy to patients, a Himalayan salt lamp placed in the therapy room can help them feel more relaxed during their visits, making it easier for you to work with them. They will certainly feel better as a result of time spent in this healthy environment.

In a Waiting Room

If there’s one place where you need people to feel calm, it’s in a waiting room. A Himalayan salt lamp can help your clients feel peaceful no matter how many hours they have to wait. The soothing light can’t fail to calm frazzled nerves.

In Your Bedroom

Most of us probably spend more hours in the bedroom than in any other room in our house, making this an excellent choice for a Himalayan salt lamp. For best results, place it on your bedside table, right next to where you sleep.

In Your Children’s Room

Young children crave the presence of a night light in their bedroom, both for comfort and safety. The soothing light of a Himalayan lamp will help your child feel at peace when she goes to bed at night. And what could be more comforting than the light of a salt lamp when he needs to make those late-night bathroom visits?

In Your Living Room

For most families, the living room is a sacred space, the scene of family game night, romantic movies with your partner, or long evening conversations with dinner guests. A salt lamp on your mantle or coffee table provides the perfect ambiance for these important experiences. Any of these spots are perfect for a Himalayan salt lamp. But why stop with just one? Try putting a salt lamp in all of these spots, and see what a difference they can really make.

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