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Is it an authentic salt lamp?

Posted on October 20 2021, By: Harry Craven-Oakes

salt lamp authentic with plants

Authentic Himalayan salt lamps are becoming more and more popular every day and no wonder. Besides yielding an array of health benefits, these lamps display a unique beauty with their warm and comforting orange glow. But their popularity has also prompted the sale of many fakes.

These lamps might look just like a Himalayan salt lamp, but they are made of selenite or even plastic. As such, they do not have the same healing properties as authentic Himalayan salt, and might even be harmful. Here are five ways to tell if that Himalayan salt lamp is actually a fake!

Low Cost

They say you get what you pay for, and in this case it’s really true. An authentic Himalayan salt lamp will usually cost between £15 and £50, depending on its size. If the lamp is much cheaper than that, it’s probably a fake. This is especially true if the lamp is white. White Himalayan salt lamps are extremely rare. So if you do find one, it will cost much more than a salt lamp of another color, like orange or pink.


An authentic lamp will not be very bright, especially if it’s a larger lamp. Pay attention to the light patterns that the lamp creates. These patterns should be uneven. If it gives off a uniform and even light pattern, which doesn’t change even if you slowly turn the lamp, it’s likely to be a fake. A real Himalayan salt lamp gives off an uneven (and not very bright) light pattern due to the natural formation of the salt.


Real Himalayan salt lamps must be packaged and shipped with great care because of their fragility. If one of these lamps falls, or endures enough stress to damage the shipping box it came in, then an authentic lamp will break, or at least chip. So if the shipping box is damaged but the lamp itself is fine, this is a clue that it’s inauthentic. The same is true if the salt lamp comes clumsily packaged or without a return policy. 

Ability To Handle Moisture

An authentic Himalayan salt lamp does not stand up to moisture well. The lamp should show some discoloration when rubbed with a wet cloth, and you should notice that the salt in the lamp looks like it’s sweating or weeping. If the lamp looks perfectly fine after coming into contact with moisture, it’s likely to be fake. Authentic Himalayan salt lamps can bring all kinds of amazing benefits to your home or office space. So don’t waste money on an impostor!

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