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What Are Rock Salt Lamps Good For?

Posted on February 02 2022, By: Harry Craven-Oakes

what are rock salt lamps good for

One of the most common questions with this type of lamp is.. what are they good for? Learn more about salt lamps and why you should consider one. Based from real feedback and our own research. Read and shop now.

Great in any home

While some lamps such as industrial style lamps may only suit some homes, salt lamps are great in a much wider range of settings. From classical to modern homes, there is sure to be a space for himalayan salt lamps. Whether it is in the bookshelf or on your desk; the striking look is sure to fit in well. "I wanted something for my bedroom which wasn't too bright".


saltlamps bedroom


A solid gift

While himalayan salt lamps have become more popular in recent years, they are yet to become as popular as other types of lamps. Paired with the standout appearance of the himalayan salt and the sheer weight of the product, they make for a solid gift. "They have made excellent presents and are always well received".

Bedside table light

If you're looking for a lamp to go on your bedside table; why not consider a himalayan salt lamp with a dimmer switch? Turn it down towards bedtime and even leave it on while you sleep if that is your preference. With the small lights starting at just 2-3kg, it won't take up too much space on the side table.

Soft mellow light

In contrast to other types of lamps which can be bright and awakening, benefit from a soft mellow light with salt lamps. The warm orange glow is likely to increase your serotonin according to a study by the University of Karachi. Shop now and experience the warm and peaceful feel.

Plug and go

There is little setup involved with a himalayan salt lamp. Plug the light bulb into the cable and insert it into your salt lamp. Turn it on and enjoy take advantage of the relaxing light. With sizes ranging up to 10kg, it can be a suitable alternative to all kinds of different lamps.


warm orange glow


Salt lamps online

Buy online today and benefit from free delivery. There's Himalayan salt lamps available in a range of sizes. Alternatively, the salt tea light holders can be used in other places such as the bathroom when tea lights are placed inside.

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