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What do Himalayan salt lamps do?

Posted on September 09 2021, By: Harry Craven-Oakes

what do salt lamps do

Himalayan salt lamps are more than just pretty. Created out of pink salt crystals, they are made out of salts found in the Himalayan regions. 

These salt crystals are not only used for cooking but also at spas to perform “salt therapy”. People are now also buying Himalayan salt lamps due to their health benefits. 

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

The pink salt releases negative ions. This process helps eradicate dust particles and clear the air, which reduces the risk of allergies. It’s also said to increase energy levels and boost your mood. 

Experts believe that Himalayan salt lamps can be good for your breathing. They're said to be beneficial for people with conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. 

The pink salt absorbs and attracts contaminated molecules present in the air and locks them into salt crystals. They specifically attract cigarette smoke, dust, pet dander, mildew, and mold. 

Some experts believe that Himalayan salt lamps are as good as nasal saline sprays used to clear airways. You will find the pink salt in many nasal and asthma products as well.

Scientists are currently studying how Himalayan salt lamps stop the advancement of conditions such as sneezing, cough, and sore throats. It is believed that the negative ions Himalayan salt lamps release kill airborne germs and reduce the risk of the common cold. 

Reports indicate that the presence of Himalayan salt lamps can be good for your vascular health as they accelerate blood flow and prevent lung damage. Furthermore, the presence of pink salt can improve sleep and ensure you wake up feeling fresh.

What do Himalayan salt lamps do

It might be a good idea to keep Himalayan salt lamps on the study table or side table as they improve oxygen and blood supplies to the brain and can be good for concentration.

The presence of electromagnetic radiation (EM) released by everyday appliances like cell phones, computers, and televisions can have adverse effects on one's health.

It can weaken the immune system, cause fatigue, and increase stress. Positive ions released by Himalayan salt lamps cancel out positive ions and neutralize EM radiation.

Moreover, they boost the neurotransmitter serotonin and make you feel ‘happier’. This feeling of happiness can improve relationships and benefit one’s professional life. 

Some believe that spending time in the presence of Himalayan salt lamps is the same as taking a walk in nature. 

People are now even using these lamps in chromotherapy (color therapy), an alternative treatment option that can diagnose and treat a number of health conditions. 

These lamps produce light in different hues of red, yellow, and ambient orange. It reduces stress, improves attention, and relaxes the mind. This soft light is believed to balance emotional, physical, and spiritual energies.

Sleeping in the presence of this light can even help treat insomnia. Plus, it goes well with most backgrounds and can enhance any room.

Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Really Work?

There isn’t much scientific research to prove the effectiveness of Himalayan salt lamps; however, research is continued on the topic and there are reasons to believe that they work.

The internet is full of reviews and testimonials from people who have benefitted from Himalayan salt lamps. They’re available in different styles and can enhance any room.

Browse through our collection and pick one that suits your requirements.

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