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Where To Buy Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Posted on February 26 2022, By: Harry Craven-Oakes

where to buy himalayan salt lamps

See how to buy a salt lamp, where to buy and which size you should go for in this buying guide. Learn about the order process and how to get a new Himalayan salt lamp in a few clicks. Read now.

Where To Buy Salt Lamps Near Me

Get salt lamps delivered in 2-4 days. There are no delivery costs and our Himalayan salt lamps are delivered across England, Wales and Scotland. Buy online now and enjoy the benefits of the orange glow in your home.

Small Salt Lamps

Experience the mood-boosting benefits from a small light in your home. The 2-3kg Himalayan salt lamp fits in a wide range of places including bookshelves, side tables and more. It is the smallest in our range and one of the most popular. Learn more about salt lamps UK.

Himalayan Salt Tealight Holders

Want the negative ions and benefits but for a different purpose? You can experience the rock salt in a form of a tea light holder. Place a tea light inside the holder and it will light up just like a normal salt lamp. This is perfect for places where traditional salt lamps may not be practical; such as the bathroom!

Medium Himalayan Salt Lamp

Light up your workspace with a medium sized himalayan salt lamp on your desk. Great for when you are working from home and in the evenings when you want a warm glow to keep you going. The 3-5kg salt lamp is currently the most popular with the highest stock level. Each order plants 1 tree and comes with free & fast delivery.

How To Buy A Salt Lamp?

  1. Visit
  2. Choose your product & size
  3. Checkout in one click with Shop Pay or use PayPal, Credit Card and more

Big Salt Lamps UK

The larger salt lamps are great for coffee tables or if you want to a stand out light in your home. It is a great conversation starter and excellent value for money. The solid rock salt is sure to be unlike any lamp you may have owned in the past. At 7-10kg, it is perfect for the table.

Where Can I Buy Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Authentic salt lamps are available from Salt Lamps UK. Buy online in just a few clicks and choose from a range of sizes and options. Get free delivery in 2-4 days as well as help from a uk-based company.

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