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Should you choose the 7-10kg salt lamp?

Posted on January 13 2022, By: Harry Craven-Oakes

10kg salt lamp

"Cosy and it’s huge". The largest salt lamp currently available at See the product features, what the larger size is good for and more in this product look.

The larger size

A himalayan salt lamp of this size is just about large enough to sit on the floor, a large table or the shelf. Make the most of the best salt lamp which may be large enough to use a night light. While salt lamps are known more for their aesthetic properties, one of this size could make for a good reading lamp.

Heavy & reliable

Reflected by the product name, the 7-10kg salt lamp is very different to any normal lamp. Sturdy and solid in comparison to other lamps which may be a few hundred grams at most. However, best not to display it on a weak surface.

Good value

For such a unique product, uk salt lamps are sure to be the talking piece of any coffee table. With prices comparable to large outlets such as Amazon, and more traditional lamps which can be much more costly, why not consider this rock salt lamp today? 

himalayan salt

Therapeutic properties

If you're buying a Himalayan salt lamp for the warm glow, the largest lamp is logically the best option. The orange glow is best shown off at this size option and is sure to catch eyes from across the room.

Gift ideas

Looking for a solid gift that will get the recipient guessing before its opened? The heaviest salt lamp is sure to raise questions! With free delivery on salt lamps of all sizes, it could make for a great Christmas or birthday gift. Paired with the rising popularity of himalayan salt lamps and the utility of a complete lamp, what are you waiting for?

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