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UK Salt Lamps

What are Salt Lamps?

Identifiable by a look not common in any other type of lamp; the amber glow of a salt lamp can give any room a warm amber glow. Himalayan salt lamps are unique because the shape is different with every lamp and sizes vary too. However, they still use a light bulb like a traditional lamp and also include a dimmer switch.

Best himalayan salt lamps

In our opinion at, a traditional salt lamp is a great option. They give off the warm glow and still provide enough light which some alternatives such as rocks may not. While no salt lamp can completely fill a room with light, our largest 7-10kg salt lamp could be a great option to add a beautiful glow to the living room. Looking for something more like a reading light? The smaller 2-3kg salt lamp could work better for you.

Do salt lamps boost your mood?

This is still debated. If you're interested in a salt lamp, it is best to just buy it for the looks. There are some studies which argue the negative ions can improve your mood; however there hasn't been much research and it is still debated. However, the warm orange glow of the salt lamp could be said that it is enough to brighten anyone's day. 

himalayan Salt Lamps uk

Uniquely carved

Thanks to the nature of the product; your salt lamp is uniquely yours. No salt lamp is the same. Every rock lamp is formed using Himalayan salt and carved into your next light.

Himalayan crystal salt lamp

Ever seen a lamp before that resembles crystals? The Himayalan salt lamps do just that. Sure to leave an impression on any guest or client, these lights are truly unique.

Perfect on the coffee table

If you're looking for a conversation starter; a salt lamp on the coffee table is a great option. It looks like no other lamp, and as it is still becoming popular, not everyone has seen one! When a change of conversation is required, look to the glow of your salt lamp. 

7-10kg salt lamp

What does Himalayan mean?

At Salt Lamps, the salt lamps have been carefully handmade using natural Himalayan salt. It is argued that this can help to purify the air by absorbing water molecules that are often found in rooms-- however this is debated and not conclusive as of 2022.

The Himalayas is where salt lamps traditionally originate from; hence why they are referred to as Himalayan salt lamps.

Night light

While some lamps can be too bright to have on in the evening, the relaxing amber glow of a salt lamp is a great alternative. Enjoy the dim light which is perfect for reading a book or creating a vibe similar to a meditation room. If you like to sleep with a lamp on, a salt lamp could also be the perfect option.

It isn't a harsh white light, but rather a nice orange glow which will have you feeling like you're in a yoga room. 

salt lamp with HomePod

Health claims

According to health line, "Himalayan salt lamps are said to change the charge of the surrounding air by producing ions that have health benefits. However, it is not currently clear whether they can produce any or enough ions to affect your health."

Are salt lamps good for you?

They are not good or bad for you; they are just lamps! While some claim there are health or spiritual benefits, nothing is proven and they are best to be treated as a normal lamp. They are not designed for anything other than lighting a small area.

Dimmer switch

You have the option of changing the brightness using the dimmer switch included with your salt lamp. This means you can adjust the salt lamp to any room in your home. From the Himalayan salt mines to your bedroom.

salt lamps on desk

Christmas or birthday gift

An affordable gift for all budgets; a salt lamp could be a great for a Christmas present or a friend's birthday gift. As they are still rising in popularity, it is unlikely to be a duplicate! Give a unique hard carved gift this year.

What is the purpose of Himalayan salt lamps?

The purpose is the same as any other type of lamp; to light up an area. While other lamps use traditional light bulbs, the warm glow of a Himalayan salt lamp can set it apart from most lamps in any setting. There is no further purpose other than lighting and aesthetics.

When did salt lamps become popular in the UK?

According to Google trends, salt lamps have become increasingly popular since the statistics began in 2004. Naturally, they are most popular around Christmas time, as they make for a great gift choice.

Trends on social media platforms such as TikTok have also helped to increase their popularity; with the volcano appearance of the lamp attracting millions of viewers.

salt lamps with flowers

Large salt lamp for sale

Got a living room which is missing the warm glow of a nice lamp? The 7-10kg salt lamp is the biggest option currently available here at Salt Lamps UK. Great as a conversation starter, however, don't underestimate the weight! It is unlike any other lamp.

Relaxing atmosphere

You are sure to receive compliments about your salt lamp; and that could be thanks to the very relaxing atmosphere it creates. Like no other light source, what's more relaxing than a hard carved lamp giving off a primordial glow.

They are also great for those winter nights when you are snuggled up under a blanket watching a movie; and you just don't want that awakening main light on.

Are salt lamps toxic?

No, they are usually not. They are electronic lamps just like table lamps, lava lamps and more. However, we don't recommend using the salt for anything other than aesthetic purposes..

Are salt lamps dangerous?

No, they are electronic devices just like most other table lamps. However, they can be very heavy so be sure to keep them on a sturdy surface where they are not likely to fall over. While other types of lamps can be very light, salt lamps can often weigh up to 10kg or more. 

rock salt lamps on bookshelf


Last Updated: Jan 13, 2022

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